Impressions 2023

Why to be part of Impressions ?

IMPRESSIONS is the english equivalent for the sanskrit word samskara. Samskara means the imprints on our minds based on our previous exposures. Our objective is to develop right values, pure and positive samskaras on the mind of the young Indians through enlightening discussions and cultural presentations, Motivational Speech, Dramas, Musical Shows, Video Shows, Dance Performances, etc.

  • Come, Let us Celebrate Life with Values.

Our Past Speakers



HG Gauranga Prabhu

Director - Govardhan Ecovillage, India (


Shubha Vilas Das

Author, TEDx Speaker. Corporate Trainer, Storyteller, IIM Faculty (


Avatar Lila

Thought-provoking communicator, unconventional thinker and a life strategist (

Our Past Performers



Vishuddha Band


Goloka Players

East UP's Own Theatre Group

Event Schedule

Event dedicated to building remarkable Impressions.

Students and Participants

  • Event Pass (Carry Your Original Student ID)
  • Complementary Dinner Snacks
  • Return Gifts



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It is a Mega Youth festival in order to inspire young Indians with Character, Competence, Culture, and Spiritual devotion. So, they become beacon like examples for generations to follow and take India ahead in all spheres of life. It is also aimed to protect the youngsters from self- destructive habits like drug addiction, and enrich them with productive & positive habits.
Live Panel | Drama | Spiritual Music | Art Exhibition | Classical Dance
Impressions is an yearly Mega youth fest of East UP. This year it's organized at 2 separate locations and timings, both in Varanasi and Prayagraj.
At Prayagraj – Date 15th April | Time 10 AM - 1 PM | Venue – AMA Convention Centre
At Varanasi – Date 16th April | Time 5 PM - 8 PM | Venue – Rudraksha Convention Centre
All age groups are allowed to attend, though being a youth fest.
INR 200 Per Seat.
Carry your valid ID card which will be checked upon entry.
Kindly carry your masks
You can get an Entry Pass upon registering online on our website –
Yes, there is a registration fee depending on the age group you're in. Details are on our website
Registrations are on a First Come First Serve basis. Once seats get filled Registrations will close. There may be an on spot registration facility, subject to availability of seats, but the charges would be higher than normal and would be decided then by the management team based on circumstances. The last date of registration is 14th April, 12 PM.
Each of the entrants need to have their registration done on the website. You can have separate booking for your parents/relatives done, on a website, under their respective age groups.
Yes. When you arrive at venue, you have to show your pass and ID proof. We will give you event card, which contain food coupon and gift coupon. After the event you can collect the food and gift from the respective places.
Please note that you're not allowed to carry any food items inside the venue
Also the refreshment received can be carried out of the venue and consumed. No such provisions and permission are there for on-premise consumption of any food item.
Yes. Plenty of them indeed (Udgaar @ Delhi | Xpression @ Kanpur | Uddipan @ Ujjain | Drishti @ Pune | INSPIRO @ Mumbai | Umang @ Jaipur).
Your Entry Pass which you get at time of registration and Your Student ID. Any govt ID card as valid age proof
You can also write us email at –
You can also contact your College/School Coordinator whose Contact Details can be found on Poster in your College/School Notice Board or on our Website –

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For any query please drop us a mail, we will endeavor to answer all the enquiries as soon as possible.